dance photography

creating something special

I have always been in awe of the control dancers have over their body. Somehow they manage to create Movement, which has a rythm to it and creates a piece of art in itself. In the movement the dancer transforms into a piece of art. To capture this progress is a challenge I love taking! Join me on the adventure of creating!



Ballet, Hip Hop or whatever

I don’t just take photos of ballet dancers. The differet styles of dance need different photos. I want to explore the way a dancer thinks and moves to capture a picture that creates depth. Capturing movement in a single frame brings a lot of challenges. Every move has to be precise and the photos come to life if you imagine the person in the frame moving.

Recent Projects







Hip Hop



Let’s Shoot!

You want to book a dance session? Just get in touch with me an tell me what you have in mind. I like traveling so don’t be scared if you live further away.